GoPro Hero 6 Review 2022: Is It Worth A Buy?

GoPro has caught up by launching its action camera GoPro Hero 6 Black. It is the most advanced camera in the company’s catalog and with which they are once again at the top of the market after having been surpassed in recent months. In this GoPro Hero 6 review, we will discuss the different aspects of the digital action camera. So let’s start:

GoPro Hero 6 Review



GoPro Hero 6 Specs

– Brand: GoPro

– Item Model No: CHDHX-601

– Camera Type: Action Camera

– Waterproof: Yes

– Image Stabilization: Yes

– Video Capture Resolution: 1080p, 4K

– Image Capture Speed: 40 fps

– Optical Zoom: 1 x

– Connectivity Technology: HDMI

– Video Capture Format: Quicktime


Video Quality

The main difference from the current Hero 5 Black is that this Hero 6 Black adds new recording modes with more FPS. The video 4K can now be configured to record to 60 FPS, a necessary update for a company that claims to be at the forefront of action cameras. Especially considering that other companies like Xiaomi have had cameras capable of recording 4k @ 60 on the market for months.

The recording to 1080p also doubles the 120 FPS that its predecessor could record, now reaching 240 FPS. All this is possible thanks to a new SoC GP1 which greatly increases the computing power of the small camera.


Zoom & Sensor

Another novelty of the best professional video camera is that its tactile zoom accessible from the screen and an improved stabilization system. The sensor of this action camera for travel photography is maintained at 12 MP with digital stabilization and the standard housing resists 10 meters of immersion in water, for greater resistance an additional housing can be added.

GoPro Hero 6 Review 2022



The company has already restructured its business model with the Hero 5 after having seen Chinese copies take over the market and reduce its margins. At that time they decided to focus on just three main models such as the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and Hero Session, which was later added to the Fusion for 360º videos.

It seems that, at least for now, the Hero 6 Black will be the only new release and there is no word on a new, more compact session.



The GoPro Hero 6 Black is currently available on Amazon for a price tag of around $420. You can consider purchasing it using the link below.

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