Ring Peephole Camera Review 2022

Exploring The Ring Peephole Camera

Ring Peephole Camera Review 2021

Ring Peephole Camera

  • Brand: Ring
  • Alexa supported speaks innovation.
  • Night vision and motion detection equal security.
  • Easy installation equals convenience.
  • White & black

Ring Peephole Camera – Features and Design

Ring Peephole Camera Review 2021


We are sure you are familiar with doors having a peephole viewer that helps to find out who is knocking outside the door. After all, almost all doors in the movies and most importantly hotel rooms, apartments, and one’s house doors have it. But ever heard of a peephole camera and that too an innovative one? If not then worry not! Through our ring peephole camera review, you will discover and learn a great deal about peephole cameras and see the whole other level of technological revolution peephole doors have been through.

Let’s discuss a bit about a peephole camera. Peephole cameras take pride in being an addition to the home security gadgets which allow people to view as well as record the visitors outside their homes. And what is amazing about this ring door view cam is that you don’t have to move from your place to peep inside the hole and see who is out. You can see so while sitting on your couch.

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Yes! Amazing, isn’t so? We know this does have potential to turn people into couch potatoes but the convenience, comfort, and security that comes with it is unmatched!!

So let’s dive in straight to ring peephole camera review where we will not only discuss its design and features and take into account the ring peephole camera battery life but also discuss ring peephole camera installation which will make your life easy. On top of this, we shall also discuss some FAQs followed by a buying guide and an overview of what we love and don’t love about the Ring peephole camera.

The Ring Peephole Camera Design – A Class Apart!

The design of the Ring peephole camera is nothing but sleek and classy. Although small in size it is super convenient to install. Measuring 1.81 in. x 1.81 in. x 2.95 in. (46 mm x 46 mm x 75 mm), it comes in blue, black, and silver, almost similar to its partner cameras.

The peephole camera comes with a 1080p camera and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. The LED infrared lights and the LED ring around button add to the grace, class, and style of this beautiful innovation. What we love about the Ring peephole camera is that it has a microphone and speaker for two-way audio and a lens that allows you to use it as the good-old peephole. This is good because not all the people in a family are tech-savvy so this feature is super good for them.

Let’s dig deeper about more features.

Camera Quality – Video Features

With security cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is the video quality. No one wants a camera that records a low-quality video. But with the Ring Peephole camera, throw this worry away for it comes with a 1080p HD video and 155 degree wide-field view. This allows you to watch and monitor high quality videos and check in anytime from anywhere. Thanks to the pairing with the smartphones and devices in your life.

Two-way Audio Talk Features

The ring door view cam has a feature almost everyone loves to have and that is comfort in the form of its Two-way audio with noise cancellation and knock detection feature. Don’t we all love to stay in our rooms away from the main living area and its door? With the Two-way audio noise cancellation and knock detection feature, you can know who is coming towards your door and is there knocking so you don’t miss any important delivery or person you are expecting. And if you have to keep them waiting, the two-way audio can help you communicate easily. Sounds like a blessing, right?

Connects with Smart devices

Another name for Ring is convenience. Let us tell you why.

The Ring peephole cam has Ring mobile app for both Android and iOS that slows you to connect your camera and keep an eye on the nearby accidents, history. and lights, only if you have Ring Smart Lightning devices installed. Don’t we all have our phones in our hands all the time? Is it not a blessing to have a smart device connected to your security gadgets and not keep an eye on just the present but the past as well and use it to avoid incidents in the future the features of the nearby accident? We bet it is!

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Alexa Integrated

Alexa is the talk of the town for quite a time and plans to stay in the limelight for quire long. The Ring while realizing the benefits that comes with Alexa made the peephole camera Alexa integrated. You can connect peephole cam with your Alexa-enabled devices and not just get notifications but also launch functions with the sound of your voice. Incredible!!

Battery Performance

If you get a call from home that the Ring peephole camera not working, then calm down there is nothing to panic about. First of all, the cam has an IPX5 rating which means it is weather protected so that cannot be an issue. However, the battery can be an issue and you probably need to charge it. The Peephole cam comes with a removable battery pack that lets you plug it into a charging outlet and recharge it. So with this feature, you do not need to worry about ring peephole camera battery life, it’s good!

Installation of the Peephole Cam

The Ring peephole camera installation is the easiest and hassle-free!  It is literally a five minutes task. You can begin by charging the peephole cam and download the Ring App and create an account. Follow the instructions that come with the box and you are good to go.  Next comes the real installation! You only have to unscrew and remove the peephole on your door and insert the outer unit in it. Be careful not to bind the data cable. Next work on the inner unit by removing its cover and tighten the two units, very carefully.

And this is how you are all set to protect!

Night Vision and Advanced Motion Detection

The Ring peephole camera comes with a night vision feature with the help of which you can see clearly who is at your door, no matter how dark it is! And the motion detection feature allows you to prioritize what is important to you and adjust it accordingly to detect and notify you.

We have discussed all the relevant features that are important and you should know about if you are looking to buy Ring peephole camera. Now let’s move to what we love and not love about the product!

  • Beautiful and classy design.

  • Wide-angle camera for video.

  • Alexa supported speaks innovation.

  • Night vision and motion detection equals security.

  • Easy installation equals convenience.

  • Two way audio equals comfort.

  • Good battery life.

  • No person detection.

  • Subscription needed to access recorded videos.

If you are all set to get your hands on the Ring peephole camera, let’s cater to some FAQs that will be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying a Ring Peephole Camera a good decision?

Frankly speaking, if you are so done with continuous doorbells and want to see who is outside and also want security at night time then trust us, having this peephole peep will be a great addition to your life.

How long does the Ring peephole camera battery last?

It can easily around 6 to 12 months but depends upon the usage as well.

Can I use the Ring peephole camera for my outdoor door? Will it be protected from the weather?

Absolutely!! The Ring peephole camera comes with an IPX5 rating which makes I weather resistant. So, go ahead!

Bottom line…

If you have a family who is close to your heart or you live alone and care for your security and that of others too then a Ring peephole camera can be the biggest blessing in your life. Its features including two-way audio, Alexa-integrated, motion-detection, and most importantly easy installation make it an ideal product to own and enjoy security.

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Although the device does lack some features but considering the price it is coming in, we can safely rank it as an amazing product.

We hope after reading our Ring peephole camera review, you hit that add to cart button and secure yourself, your family, and whatever and whomever you want to!

Happy securing!

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